Why Did My Garage Door Brackets Got Ripped Out

A garage door is heavy, at least 130 pounds for a single door and 350 pounds for a double door. These heavy doors are joined to the door mechanism by small parts called door brackets. These brackets are small and may seem insignificant but are vital for the proper functioning of your garage door. The brackets hold your garage door in place even when it is opening and closing. Garage door brackets work just like any other bracket. The only difference is that they connect the door to the sliding mechanism instead of the frame.

Neglecting the state of these brackets could be the biggest mistake you make regarding your garage door. Even if a single bracket is in bad condition, it could cause problems in the functionality. A broken bracket could render your garage door inoperable. In case of extreme neglect, garage doors could end up falling on your vehicle. You wouldn’t want an almost 300-pound door falling on your vehicle. Regular maintenance and cleanliness will help. Additionally, knowing what could cause your brackets to break will help you care for them better.

What Causes Garage Door Brackets To Break

Garage door bracket replacement is one of the cheapest garage door repair services, but it is also the most vital. You can not afford to ignore the main part that holds your garage door in place. Here are some reasons that could damage these door brackets.

Poor Hinge Quality
These brackets are already very affordable, so it doesn’t make sense to buy cheap ones. You need to find the best quality brackets for your garage door because they have to carry a lot of weight. The brackets cost $28 per piece, which is quite affordable.

Lack of Regular Maintenance
You will need to occasionally oil these brackets. These brackets are made of stainless steel or galvanized iron, so they are resistant to rust. However, you must add oil or grease between them to function smoothly. If they are not cleaned or oiled on a schedule, they will catch debris and cause problems in operating the door.

Mismatched Brackets & Unbalanced Doors
If you are replacing a single bracket, ensure that it is the same type and not any different from all the other brackets. Having multiple types of brackets could unbalance your garage door. Mismatched brackets could distribute the load unevenly. This is a big reason why people find their garage door brackets ripped off.

If you ever find your garage door brackets broken, think back to if you ever had a small accident while parking. A small impact could leave your brackets damaged. They may look fine and keep working okay for some time, but they may eventually break. So, make sure you have regular maintenance scheduled for your garage doors. A professional can spot signs that may escape your eyes


The garage door brackets may seem insignificant, but they are the most significant. This is the part your garage doors rest on, and ignoring them could leave you with a much heftier repair bill. Proper care and on-time replacements will surely save a lot of money and trouble. If you need a garage door service in Texas, contact the Garage Door Doctor at 281-855-9300 or 281-578-7659.