Time to Ditch Wood or Steel Garage Doors

Are you bored of seeing the same type of garage doors everywhere? Want to choose something different for yourself? The most common type chosen is either steel or wood, but there’s more. People often tend not to explore more options. This article gives you two more, (a) Fiberglass (b) Aluminum Glass.

With their pros and cons defined, it’s time to change. The choice of an apt garage door should be made according to the climate and, most importantly, budget. But that doesn’t mean you can’t go for an aesthetically pleasing option.

It is one of the first few things people see when they come over. Your choice must go well with the house’s overall theme.

Fiberglass Doors

If you live in a hot and humid region, then this option is for you. Fiberglass is the only option that acts most similar to a wooden door. It not only gives you the same pros but minus the cons of wood. Wooden doors are likely to crack, shrink or warp with time, making this option better for humid climates.

Fiberglass doors can be installed in both kinds of house designs, raised panels, and overlay carriage house types. Fiberglass doors show strength and are pleasing to the eye sets the right tone for the rest of your house.


  1. Economical option as compared to wood.
  2. Low maintenance cost fits better for people with budget
  3. Does not warp, shrink or crack
  4. Free from erosion
  5. Semi-transparent material lets natural light in
  6. Temperature changes (moderate) would not cause it to expand


An option with no con is a myth. However, while choosing, we must weigh the pros and cons to make a good decision.

  1. Not suitable for windy climates
  2. Must be fully replaced if damaged

Aluminum Glass Doors

For a modern striking touch, an aluminum glass door seems to be a perfect choice. They are good to go for every type of weather. Large see-through full glass panels add a hint of class to your house, with many different glass options, color schemes, and coatings you can customize according to your vision.


  1. Shows great resistance against rust and erosion
  2. Ease of customization according to your vision and budget
  3. Low maintenance cost


  1. Partially water-proof
  2. Less durability compared to steel

Importance of Maintenance – Garage Doors

1. Less Financial Burden
It might seem like a tiresome task to get the hinges changed, keeping track of the lubrication or replacement of parts. But if you think about it, these small repairs are less expensive than getting the whole door changed. They also increase the life of your gate.

2. Better Security
Burglaries are more common than you think. Intruders can use garage doors for forced entries. you must make sure that your door is fully functional, with hinges other systems working in properly.
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