Replacing a Garage Door Lift Cable

It is nice to have a strong garage door, but what’s the point of having one when it does not open. A garage door lift cable helps to open and close a garage door. There could be a possibility of it damaging with time. This can lead to the overhead garage door not functioning properly. In such a case, the replacement of the lift cable is the way to go.

Replacement Procedure

It is good to read about the replacement procedure before a person hires a company to replace the garage door lift cable. There are many guides available on replacing the cable. A person can also replace the cord himself. However, to avoid any difficult situation, a professional who is an expert at replacing the cable would be recommended. Since there can be complications, therefore, the person should wear safety equipment while using the correct tools. If a person does not take care of the safety while replacing the cable, then it may lead to an injury in case of a mishap.


There are a few types of equipment that come in use when replacing the garage door lift cable. Analyze the size of the door and know the different sizes of equipment that will come in need. These equipment include a winding bar, eyewear, grips, gloves, sockets of various fittings, wrenches of different sizes, and the essential material, a right replacement cable. The cable’s length would also depend upon the size of the door.

If at any point in the work, a person feels like the work needs way more effort, it’s advisable to call a local professional like Garage Door Doctor. After the replacement of the lift cable, sit back and enjoy looking at the garage door, which functions correctly. For more information on garage door repair, call us on 281-855-9300 and 281-578-7659.