Patch A Hole In Your Steel Garage Door

A garage door serves many purposes, from adding an edge to the curb appeal as well protecting your valuables inside; therefore, its regular repair and maintenance are crucial. Even if you have a hole in your garage door, you should fix it immediately.

But how can you patch a hole in your garage door? Let’s find out.

Fix Your Garage Door – Patch the Hole

Unlike the old times, thin steel is used to make modern garage doors with gauges 24 and 25. We understand you might think that simple welding can fix your garage door hole, but it does not.

Trying to weld in the steel is not appropriate.

Here’s what you can do:

  1. Turn off the garage door opener and place plastic tarps on the ground beneath the hole so that the door does not move while you patch the hole in your garage door.
  2. Move on the inside (the garage) and smoothen the inside edges of the hole using rough-grit sandpaper.
  3. Now, blow off that loose dust due to sanding with the help of compressed air.
  4. Shake the fast-expanding material can to make it foamy, and spray for ten seconds on the hole. Stop when the hole entirely fills up.
  5. It is time to move outside your garage. Put pressure on the edge of a wooden stick against your garage door from one end of the hole. Press the bar down as you drag it across the entrance to smoothen the foam even with the door.
  6. Move back inside the garage and repeat the entire procedure to finish the hole. Let the insulation foam set for the time mentioned in the instructions that come with it.
  7. Sand the now “foam-covered” hole on the external area of the garage door with sandpaper. You must stop when the surface of the insulated, foam-covered hole goes even with the rest of your door.
  8. You can easily paint the surface of your garage door now to match the rest of the door, or it is better to paint the entire door on both sides so that the door doesn’t look patchy or dingy.

The size and location of the garage door hole are also some factors that need consideration. A faulty garage door opens a new risk of theft.

Summing Up

A patch in your garage door may cause it to fail function-wise. This is why we suggest replacing the panel. A professional can do a better job at handling a garage door repair. We do not encourage DIYs because it is a tricky job that an expert best handles.

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