How to Install a Garage Door Safety Cable?

A garage door can ease a number of problems if it functions smoothly. But there can be times when the components of a garage door when malfunction can cost a huge amount. The same is the case with a garage door spring. A spring allows the door to move up and down without much effort, but when it breaks, it can penetrate even double layer wallboard. And imagine if the spring breaks and hits your car’s windshield, how much would you need to spend? And if you have a bad day, it could hit you as well. To avoid all these damages, a garage door safety cable is installed around the spring. The cable comes in various sizes, the one that suits your door should be chosen for installation.

Installation of the cable

The following steps can be followed if someone wishes to install it:

• A person should put one side of the cable through a hole that is much closer to the garage door opening
• The next step is to put the wire through the spring.
• The next thing is to put the cable through a hole in the upper spring support. Later secure it with the cable clamp.
• The last step is to test the movement of the door. This ensures that the cable is neither too tight nor to loose for the door.

A garage door safety cable may look unnecessary to many people as it costs money. But if you consider the amount of damage the breaking of the spring may cause to your garage, car, or to yourself, any wise person would make sure to install it as soon as the garage door is installed. However, if you think installing a safety cable is difficult, you can call experts of Garage Door Doctor, and they will take care of the entire installation process. You can also call on 281-855-9300 or 281-578-7659 for more details.