How it Works: Parts of a Garage Door

When something goes wrong with your garage door, it’s stressful. Whether it is stuck or sounding strange, it’s hard to know what to do.

Without understanding the essential parts of a garage door, you may not be sure if your door poses an immediate danger or simply needs routine service. One failing part could damage another, leading to costly replacements. Here’s a quick list of the essential parts, what they do, and what you should look for.

The Garage Door

For the garage door to fold up along the tracks and into the ceiling, it will be designed with section joints. These are separate panels that seal tightly when the door is closed but fold when the door is opened, allowing for a transition up and down. They should fold smoothly and without sticking or bumping.

The Track System

The parts of the garage door doing the heavy lifting make up the track system. It should be sturdy, straight, and free of twists. Each track consists of these basic elements:

Two bottom brackets at the lower door corners, housing the rollers. These attach to cables, letting the door slide up and down. The brackets should be stable, and the rollers should slide freely.

At the top, you’ll find the cable drum. This winds the cables when the door opens. The cables should never look frayed or split, and everything should move easily.

The cable drum is attached to the torsion spring, which is mounted above the door. If space is tight, you may find extension springs. They’ll be found above the hanger track.

The hanger track secures to the wall and runs back along the ceiling until it reaches the rear hanger track. The hanger track creates a secure way for the rollers to bring the door up and down. It shouldn’t look bowed or bent.

The rear hanger track attaches to the ceiling and stops the door’s motion. This is a strong piece, and once attached, it shouldn’t ever appear loose.

Extra Parts of a Garage Door

One of the most popular extras for convenience and safety, automatic garage door openers replace the need to lift the door. For safety, they have photoelectric sensors, stopping the door if something is near it. Remote controls let you open and close the door without leaving your vehicle. The opener will make noise, but it shouldn’t grind or stall.

If you are inexperienced with garage door repair, any repair job can be a dangerous one. Never try to repair the door yourself, especially springs and cables. If one breaks, don’t try to move the door, and never touch the springs. Garage Door Doctor can fix it quickly, safely, and eliminate your worries. Call today at (281) 855-9300.