Does your off-track Garage Door Need a Repair?

Garage doors are installed in the hope that these would function properly at all times. But there can be times when these doors stop working because of the track. The garage door that becomes off track needs a repair so it may start functioning in a proper way again.

Effects of off-track garage door 

When the garage door becomes off-track, it creates frustration, which increases if the door remains non-functional. Such a door can also cause injuries to people and may also damage the property.

Some people may try to pull the door down if it does not close completely, which damages the vertical tracks, and rollers can also come out. It is advisable to call a professional to repair the track so that the garage door can start functioning properly.

Certain steps to take for the garage door

It is a good idea to take the following steps before a practitioner comes to fix the track of your garage door:

  1. Disconnect the opener from the door
  2. Open the door manually
  3. Locate the off-track wheel
  4. Stop the jamming wheels
  5. Stop the track
  6. Bring the wheel to the track again
  7. Bring the door back to the track
  8. Test the door manually

All these steps will help you get the door working again. However, if you manage to repair the track of the garage door, do not relax. Calling a professional to check the door is still important to ensure you and your family are safe from any accident.

What Garage Door Doctor offers?

We are an expert at installing and repairing the garage door and its tracks. We have a team of professionals who know their job well and, therefore, do not leave any task until it is complete. If you want our specialized service call us on 281-855-9300 and 281-578-7659.