Breakdown of Garage Door Panel Replacement in Easy Steps

When it comes to garage doors, everyone wants the best for their house. Be it installation, repair, or replacement. This blog has every question that you might have regarding the garage door panel replacement answered.

When do you need a garage door panel replacement?

Garage doors are composed of panels pivoted together. Changing the entire door just because of one thing can be costly. However, you can easily replace one or more panels of the garage door if they are damaged.

Panel replacement is best when the garage door has had a minor impact giving it structural damage. Like a car bumping in at low speed or smaller moving objects like a lawn mower crashing into it.

Is it okay to remove one or more panels?

Indeed, it is possible to replace more than one garage door panel at a time. However, multiple renewals could cost more than getting the whole door changed. So make sure to analyze the gravity of the situation properly.

Easy steps to replace the garage door panel

Find appropriate material for replacement

Look out for the garage door manufacturer and get information on the make and model of the panels and the door itself. This step has immense importance since every company has its own design and size. You need to find the originator for a perfect fit.

Panel removal – safety and replacement

Once you get the best fit panels for your garage door, it is time to replace it. But first, let us discuss the safety measures that should be taken to avoid any unfortunate incidence.
Firstly, move the garage door to a downward position
Turn off and unplug your garage door opener
Remove the springs
Next, start the removal of the panels. Make space to separate the panels from each other, which are hinged together. Screw out the damaged panel and move it over.

Installing new garage door panel

After moving the old panel out, slide the replacement in its place. Screw it together with others. Hinge them together. Once you are done, slide the garage door in an open position and fix the spring.

Match the panels

One pressing concern of a panel replacement of garage doors is uniformity. The panels should look exactly like each other. Painting the old ones to match the replacements is a good option.

The steps may be less, but the process is complicated. Why not let Garage Door Doctor handle this job? They are best at what they do. Call now for more information at 281 855 9300.