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Replacing a Garage Door Lift Cable

It is nice to have a strong garage door, but what’s the point of having one when it does not open. A garage door lift cable helps to open and close a garage door. There could be a possibility of it damaging with time. This can lead to the overhead ...

30th December, 2019

Sliding Garage Door- A Reliable Choice

A sliding garage door is not the cheapest garage access option available, but it is undoubtedly one of the best, most reliable, and most comfortable systems to operate. It is the effortless and reliable doors you can have at your house. The following...

15th December, 2019

What affects a Garage Door Weight?

A garage door can either be manual or automatic. If you have an automated door, a switch or a remote would regulate it. For an automatic garage door, the lift of the weight is subject to the horsepower of the garage door opener. A half of horsepower ...

30th November, 2019

Has your garage door spring broken? Here’s what you can do.

A working garage door helps in the smooth functioning of several activities performed during a busy day. However, when you all of a sudden, find a garage door spring broken, it leaves you with two options. Either you park your car outside at an unsaf...

15th November, 2019

Damaged Garage Door

A garage door may work perfectly well for months and would not have any trouble. However, there might be times when you try to park your car or take it out of the garage, and the door would not open or close properly. In either case, your damaged gar...

30th October, 2019

How to level a garage door?

Your garage door works well in all seasons without much repair. The door opens in a perfect balance from both sides. However, with continuous use, the garage door can become uneven and would not close until the end of one side. In such a case, you wo...

15th October, 2019

Need Same-Day Service? We Can Help!

We get it. Garage door problems can be overwhelming. If you have a sudden problem with your door, quick service can make a world of difference in fixing the issue. At Garage Door Doctor, we provide same-day service for a variety of garage door proble...

30th September, 2019

Choosing a Garage Door That Lasts

Garage doors can wear down over time. While it might seem like all garage doors are the same, choosing the right door will help the door last for a longer period of time. So what should you look for when choosing a garage door? Below, we will explain...

20th September, 2019

Insulated Vs. Uninsulated Garage Doors

If you are getting a new garage door, you will need to decide if an insulated or uninsulated door is best for you. Each type of door has pros and cons. Below, we will explain the differences between these two garage door types so you can choose your ...

22nd August, 2019

Garage Door Designs to Consider

Choosing your garage door is a great opportunity to get creative. While you might think that all garage doors look the same, we actually offer a wide variety of garage door styles to fit different tastes and budgets. Below, we will explain the differ...