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Installing a newgarage door can easily enhance the curb appeal and value of your home. Furthermore, by replacing your garage door, you solve all your garage door problems at once. There are 3 things to consider when buying a new door – quality, appearance and cost. At Garage Door Doctor, we only recommend the highest quality garage doors. We only install CHI® Overhead Garage Doors because they are the highest quality with the best appearance at the best cost.

At Garage Door Doctor, we strive to fix your garage door whenever possible but sometimes, it is necessary to replace the door. Also, if you are building a new home, you would want a quality garage door and that is the only kind of door we install – high quality garage doors! Builders cut corners wherever possible and the garage door is an easy place for them to cut corners. You can trust Garage Door Doctor never cut corners and always use the highest quality garage doors.

We install doors made by CHI® Overhead Doors. Our 3 most common doors we install from CHI® are Models #2240, #5250 and Accents. Click on our Gallery to view some of our completed doors.

These are our 3 best selling garage doors. We can also get any other door you would like from CHI. If you prefer a different door, simply visit, click on “Residential” and click “Create Your Garage Door!” Then call us with the model number and details so we can order your door!

CHI® Model #2240

CHI® Model #2240

The short panel Model #2240 is the most common door we install. Short panel means that it has squares that go across it. This model is also available in a long panel design. Long panel means that it has rectangles that go across it. Long panel is great for someone who wants their door to look different without having to spend a lot more money on it.

CHI® Model #5250

CHI® Model #5250

Traditionally, beautiful carriage house doors were very expensive and only available in insulated doors. This is an affordable upgrade to enhance the look of your home. The construction of this door is similar to the 2250 but it looks far more unique. This door is similar to the 2250 short panel but the squares have ridges inside them that add to its appearance.

This door is shown with the optional decorative 6 piece exterior hardware set and windows with designs.

CHI® Model #5283 Accents

Accents Garage Door

The appearance of this door is similar to Model 5250 but the color come in a wood grain finish. The available colors are Dark Oak, Light Oak, Mahogany and Cedar. Also this door is only available as a steel-backed insulated door. The insulation/steel-backing adds strength and reduces noise. This model is the answer for people who want a beautiful wood door without the maintenance of a real wood door.

Wood doors are beautiful but they require so much more maintenance to keep them beautiful and working properly. This door looks excellent by itself but you could also enhance its beauty with the decorative 6 piece exterior hardware set and windows with designs.

Not all doors are created equal.A lot of garage doors look really nice but they are poorly constructed and poorly installed. There are 3 factors that determine how long a door will last…

Garage Door Construction

Residential doors are either insulated or non-insulated. Insulated doors are great if you have air conditioning in your garage; insulated doors are also quieter and stronger than non-insulated garage doors. They also make non-insulated doors that are extremely strong and durable. Non-insulated garage doors come in 3 gauges – 26, 25 and 24. 26 gauge is the weakest – 24 gauge is the strongest.

At Garage Door Doctor, we never install 26 gauge doors because we know what usually happens to 26 gauge doors over a very short period – they crack and fall apart. We always recommend 24 gauge garage doors because they last the longest which saves the customer money! 25 gauge doors are still good replacement doors but through the years they would have issues before 24 gauge doors.

Hardware Package

The hardware package refers to everything but the actual panels. The hardware package includes the rollers, hinges, springs, tracks, etc. Sadly most installers use the cheapest hardware available even on good doors. Cheap hinges will crack and cause the door to go off tracks. Most builders and a majority of installers use bearingless rollers. Without ball bearings, the rollers drag and cause the door to ride very rough. A door that is riding rough can easily go off tracks and it would be more susceptible to cracking.

Whenever installing a new door we always use torsion springs. Torsion springs balance the door better and make the door work smoother. Also we always use 2 torsion springs that join together in the middle whenever possible. Most builders and other installers use one spring and over time this causes the end bearing plates to break. Sometimes the spring that builders install is not even the right size.

We always use nylon-coated 11 ball-bearing rollers. These rollers are quietest and longest lasting rollers available. We use high quality, wide-body, 14 gauge hinges which makes them highly unlikely to ever break. We always use 2 torsion springs whenever possible and our springs are always calibrated correctly to the door we are installing. The tracks we use are made from high quality steel and they are roll formed. This means the edges are rolled which makes it highly unlikely for the rollers to ever come out on their own.

Who is installing it

When it comes to a garage door, proper installation is probably the single most important factor when it comes to the longevity of a garage door. Many companies do now install garage doors correctly which leads to a lot more problems in the long run. Knowing how to correctly install a door a skill acquired from experience. Installing many garage doors and seeing and repairing the mistakes of other companies is what makes us the best at installing garage doors.

At Garage Door Doctor, we have expertise to install a door the best way possible. Every house is unique and requires a unique installation to keep a door working for many trouble-free years. You can trust Garage Door Doctor to install your door properly.

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