Garage Door Tune Up

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Garage Door tune up

Do you like saving money? Well if you have a garage door tune-up once a year, you will save money! Problems don’t fix themselves – if there is an issue, it will only get worse. It is cheaper to fix small problems before they lead to major problems. For example, a small crack on one of your panels will keep getting bigger if left untreated. The crack will spread to the other sections and before you know it, your whole door is caving in and it looks awful on the outside. Also a cracking panel can cause broken hinges, damaged struts, and it can cause major problems for your opener. If your garage door is loud or noisy then call Garage Door Doctor for a tune-up, you will be amazed at how great your door sounds afterward.

What is a garage door tune-up?

We thoroughly check and adjust pretty much everything! Every garage we work on gets a 21 point inspection. The 21 point inspection is as follows:

1. Check to see that door is properly balanced
2. Check door for any cracks in panels
3. Check to see if weather-strip is damaged
4. Check all hinges for any cracks
5. Check rollers to see if ball bearings are wearing out
6. Check bearing plates to see if ball bearings are wearing out
7. Check pulleys to see if ball bearings are wearing out
8. Check cables for any fraying
9. Check tracks to ensure they are aligned properly
10. Check jamb brackets to ensure tracks are not too tight to wall
11. Check every screw and bolt to ensure they’re all tight
12. Check force settings on opener
13. Check to see if limit switches are tarnished
14. Check to see that limit switches are set properly
15. Check to see that sensors are lined up properly
16. Check to ensure opener is properly secured at wall and ceiling
17. Check to ensure the chain / belt is not too tight (on chain / belt drives
18. Check to see that all remotes, keypads, and wall switches are working
19. Check to make sure red cord is not hanging too low (luggage racks can catch the handle)
20. Check to see if light bulb is working
21. Lubricate the garage door and opener where necessary