3 Reasons to Replace Your Garage Door Hinges

Hinges are an often overlooked garage door feature. Hinges might be small, but a broken or damaged hinge can affect the functionality of your entire door. Keep reading to learn three of the top reasons to replace your garage door hinges.

Fix Common Door Issues

Damaged, broken, or worn hinges can create a variety of problems for your garage door. Loose screws or rusted hinges are a sign that the hinges are getting old and should be replaced. Without maintenance, these old hinges can affect your door’s panels or guide tracks, leading to issues opening and closing the door. In these situations, new hinges are a simple solution to what might look like a complex problem.

Prevent Future Problems

You shouldn’t wait until you have a noticeable problem to service your garage door hinges. Regular hinge maintenance will keep your door working properly, saving you time, money, and energy down the line. Replacing hinges after continuous use is an easy way to get ahead of potential problems in the future.

Update the Look of Your Garage Door

Hinges aren’t only for functional purposes. There are different styles of decorative hinges available that can transform the look of your garage door. By adding decorative hinges, you can update the look of your door without the expense of replacing the door itself.

If you need new garage door hinges, Garage Door Doctor is here to help. We can evaluate your situation and install new hinges on the same day. Give us a call to get started today!