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Understand These Garage Door Myths then Request Garage Door Service

While you might not think about your garage door a great deal, it represents a significant part of your home’s appearance as well as being a specialized piece of equipment. Before tackling some mechanical repair on your garage door, consider the following four garage door myths. Whether you’re buying a new garage door, purchasing a…

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Is It Time to Replace Your Garage Door?

Summer is over and in fall is underway. It might be time to think about replacing your old garage door with something newer and fresher. If your door is visible from the street, then it makes up a part of your homes esthetic appearance. Moreover, it’s often not a small part either. Most garage doors…

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Your Garage Door Service Company Can Winterize Your Door

It may not be the first thing you consider when you think about the approach of winter, but it’s not too early for your garage door service company to winterize your garage door. This is especially true if you park your cars in your garage overnight. Winterizing can be an important and useful undertaking, and…

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Important Factors in Choosing a New Garage Door

Garage doors are an important design feature of your home. Therefore, when it’s time to replace your old door with a new one, you’ll want to make sure you pick the right one. Remodeling Magazine reports that approximately 90% of the cost of a new garage door can be recovered in the sales price of…

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Five Reasons That Cause Your Garage Door to Stop Working

For the most part, garage doors function properly year in and year out. They are a convenience we sometimes take for granted. Occasionally, however, we’re faced with a door that simply will not work correctly. When you are on the way to work in the morning, this can be both an inconvenience and a nuisance,…

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Your Garage Door Supplier Can Add Value to Your Home

The last thing you may think about when you’re preparing your home for sale might be your garage door. Nevertheless, you should talk to your garage door supplier and discuss ways to enhance the value of your house by making improvements to your door. There are some ways you can add value and, at the…

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How To Know You Need Garage Door Service

Over time, as a result of continuous use, all mechanical devices suffer wear-and-tear. This is certainly true with garage doors which we are often used daily. To a degree, they are also exposed to the weather, although only on the outside face of the door itself. As time passes, some component or door part may…

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Common Mistakes in Garage Door Installation Missouri City

Mistakes can be made by do-it-yourselfers and some “professionals” who do garage door installations. Missouri City homeowners can find out the hard way. What if, a couple of years after having bought a house, their garage door needs serious repair or replacement? Unethical contractors often use inferior garage doors or inexperienced subcontractors to install them.…

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5 Garage Door Services You Should Get

Some garage door repairs you can do yourself, if you are mechanically inclined; however, there are five garage door services you should get done by professionals. The Garage Door Doctor in the Houston area can make sure these jobs are done right.   5 Garage Door Services For added home security and overall long-lasting professional…

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The Top Garage Door Openers to Buy in the Woodlands

When considering which new garage door openers to buy, you should look at the convenience of a Wi-Fi driven opener for your home in The Woodlands, TX. Whether you are using a direct drive door opener, a Jackshaft garage door opener, a Chamberlain, Decko, Sommer, or a Genie, we repair and service all the top…

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Keep Your Car Moving with Garage Door Services in Pearland, TX

When was the last time you had your garage door and unit serviced or inspected? Having a routine maintenance and safety checks ensures that your garage door is safe and in good operating condition. The Garage Door Doctor offers a 21-point safety check that helps to avoid garage door and unit problems, along with other…

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When Should You Replace Your Garage Door Weatherstrip and Why

Why Replace Your Garage Door Weatherstrip? An often-ignored energy expense is the garage and the garage door. Many good garage doors have an R-value of 18-20, where high-performance blown-in insulation for your walls has an R-value somewhere between 3.5 and 9. Why do you think they make these garage doors with such a high R-value,…

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5 Reasons to Go to a Garage Door Supplier in Pearland

Although there are more than five reasons to use a garage door supplier in Pearland, TX, here are the top five reasons.. One of the first things a visitor to your home notices is your garage door. It takes up a good portion of the front of your home and holds a lot of curb…

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How Do I Pick the Right Garage Door Rollers?

Garage door rollers are an integral part of the smooth, quiet and safe operation of any garage door. Selecting the perfect match for your garage door can be a little tricky because there are various sizes and those can be made from different types of materials. Maybe your old rollers are falling apart. Maybe your…

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Garage Door Off Tracks? Follow these Safety Tips

Many of us have garages in our homes. The garage door is one of the many personal customized features on the front of a home. However, many of us don’t realize there is a lot of maintenance that may be neglected with garage doors. We all need to be prepared in case something happens with…

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4 Things to Consider Prior to a Garage Door Installation

Owning a home is one of the greatest accomplishments anyone can achieve. Your home will provide you a place to relax after a long day’s work. Owning a home can provide a stable place for you to make memories with your family and friends throughout the years. Taking care of your home includes regular maintenance,…

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5 Advantages of a Garage Door Tune-Up in Tomball

You may not have looked at it this way before, but no other portion of your home takes as much of a beating as your garage door. You could argue that other appliances, such as your dishwasher or washer and dryer, might take a near daily pounding equivalent to your garage door’s constant opening and…

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Garage Door Hinges Can Enhance the Look of Your House

There are many different reasons why a homeowner should pay attention to the current condition of their home. Unfortunately, there are homeowners in our communities who do not necessarily take the time necessary to retain their property’s value. Periodic maintenance on your home can increase its value and the value of the other homes in…

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4 Steps to Avoid Needing Garage Door Opener Repair

Your garage door gets a lot of work. The continual opening and closing year in and year out places high demand on the door’s components. Over time, these parts will gradually wear and require replacement. In the meantime, there are some simple preventive maintenance ideas you can use to minimize the need for garage door…

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Understanding the Function of a Garage Door Torsion Spring

Your garage door is comprised of many parts working in unison, none of which is more important than the garage door torsion spring. For your garage door to open and close smoothly, the torsion spring must be in good condition and properly matched to the garage door itself. A typical home garage door weighs in…

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